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of the pope. the religion spread to russia, greece, eastern europe and more recently to the united states. today orthodoxy remains one of the most popular form of christianity. his all holiness was born in 1940 on the turkish island of'm bruce. his father was a barbershop owner. he enrolled in a theological school graduating with high honors in 1961. on october 22, 1991, he was elected the 270th archbishop of constantinople. he was enthroned in the patriarchal cathedral in istanbul. from the beginning he has been on a mission to modernize the church and make it more relevant. early on, he became identified with environmentalism by incorporating yet into his spiritual message, he has preached in the spirit of dialogue and understanding among all religions. while there are chrez yas cal differences with the catholic church, he has met with the pope several times. he had several meets with john paul in the 1990s and met with benedict in turkey. he's met with leaders around the world, including fidel castro and moammar qaddafi. his holeryness is well known in america having received the congr
karzai can become the effective leader that the united states hopes for and needs in afghanistan. can he rid the country of corruption? can he raise an army capable one day of taking over from the unitedtates? these are all key questions as president obama plans the next phase of u.s. involvement in afghanistan. in our lead focus, the afghan election and beyond. we start in kabul with jonah hull of al jazeera english who found that the issue of fraud remains an undercurrent. >> reporter: just a day after dr. abdullah's withdrawal from the race, hamid karzai is declared winner of afghanistan's presidential election. >> translator: we declare mr. hamid karzai, who got the majority votes in the first round, and who is the only candidate in the second round, be declared president of afghanistan. >> repter: the chairman of the country's top electoral body, the independent election commission, said consensus had be reached among his commissioners baseon the law and in the interests of the afghan people. international reaction was led by united nations secretary ban ki-moon in kabul on an unann
would be investigated. this is one many flawed parts of the resolution. the united states will remain a true friend to our ally, israel. so let us call for an open and honest debate with the reputable justice goldstone. let us not act in haste to pass a resolution that in no way achieve our ultimate goal of achieving a lasting peace for israelis and palestinians. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from minnesota is recognized. mr. ellison: may i inquire as to the time remaining? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman has one 3/4 minutes remaining. mr. ellison: i yield one minute to the gentleman from massachusetts. >> i ask permission to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> this resolution should not be coming before us. there is an anti-israel bias in the united nations, but it should be the responsibility of every member of this house to bring it back to the peace talk table. this resolution does not do that. this resolution heightens the rhetoric of division. regardless of what you think of the goldstone report, it makes an
bring about a new energy frontier for the united states of america and that we would be partners with the rest of our agencies in bringing about a solution for the realities of climate change in which we face. in the last nine months, our team has worked closely with members of the white house and with congress as we move forward with that agenda. you will hear much more about this. i see our department as being the energy suppliers for the united states of america. we produce about 30% of the natural gas in the united states. we produced about 40% of the coal that we use here in america. . . ls which this department has had responsibility for overseeing its production from the public lands we also have opened up a new chapter for america in the department of interior. and that's our efforts to send up renewable energy and really to engage in the energy revolution that we see spreading across the united states of america. and so the efforts you'll hear about today are about how we are capturing the wind from the high plains and from the deserts in arizona and we are capturing the
of 300 million orthodox christians. we spoke i atlan during his currt visit to the united states. tomorrow in washington he meets with president oba. >> the only message that people of religion lik myselfcould give tthe world cmunity is to reect everybody. all human bein as created in the image andikeness of god. and to hp. jesus chst said whatever you do for my smalest, poorest people, bthers, you aredoing to me. so he is, the lord, identifies himself with tho people. and whater we do for them, we do forhrist. you can realize our great responsibility. >> rose:n elusive convertion with his all holiness ecumenalatriarch bartholomew of constantinople coming up. captioningponsored by se communications from our studios in neyork city, th is charlie rose. >> re: his all holiness, ecumenical patriarch btholomew of consttinople, is the primary spiritual leader of t orthodox christian world andhe orthodox churc which has 300 million meers around the world. it includes the churches of alexania and jerusalem, russia serbia, romania, bulgaria, georgia, cyus, greece, poland, albaa, the check
they want in the united states. >> reporter: and susie, both g.m. and chrysler have gotten concessions from the u.a.w., so ford needs them to remain competitive. >> right, dianne, what are the chances of ford getting those concessions now that it's making money, doesn't that give the union a bargaining chip? >> absolutely. in fact, the uaw today said that the good inspections that ford reported today were part of the reason that the rank and file voted down the concessions. they said that they would not go back to the bargaining tablement but obviously if the financials would deteriorate from here, they might be encouraged to go back. we'll have to wait and see. >> another issue about where things are financially with ford, a lot of headlines today about that billion dollar profit but ford also has a lot of debt. something like $27 billion. so how does that play into its forecast. isn't that a serious problem? >> it is a problem. as you probably recall, they mortgaged a lot of assets to keep themselves out of bankruptcy. analysts say if the economy continues to improve, if the credit market
's talk about the president in congratulating happened karzai made it perfectly clear the united states expects a more serious effort to end corruption in his government and he is -- and they are ready to defend itself once the u.s. is out. >> his power base is a series of war lords and their mignons who are paid off through this vast system of patronage and he's tried to balance power that way and it has enabled him to stay in office but it tainted him with this awful, deep-seeded corruption and tainted the united states as well because he's our guy. >> reporter: putting him in office or that's what the taliban says and upsetting the election to the point that abdullah abdullah pull out the taliban says we have won. how does the united states go forward. 40,000 troops, 20,000, 50,000 troops. does the number of troops make a difference between the public in afghanistan sees us as partly responsible for putting this government in. >> i don't think it does. the u.s. strategy from the beginning has been to build a strong, trusted central government, which is not something that afghanistan
of the pope. the ligion spread to russia, greece easte europe and me recentlyo the united states. today ortdoxy remns one of the most popul form of christianity. s all holines was born 1940 on the turkish islan of'm bruce. his father was a barbershop owner. he enrolled in a tological school graduatg with hig honors in 1961 onctober 22, 1991, heas elected the 270th archbisp of constantople. he w enthroned in the patriarchal cathedral in isnbul. from the binning he has been on a miion to modernizehe church and make it more revant. early on, he became identified with environmealism by incorporating yet inis spirituamessage, he has preached in e spirit of alogue and understanding amg l religis. while there are chrez yas cal dierences with the catholic church, he has met withthe pope several tis. he had seral meets with john paul inthe 1990s and t with benedictn turkey. he's met with leaders around the world, including fidel castro and moammar qaddafi. his holeryness is wellnown in america having receive the congressional gold medal and met with the past ree predents. he's on his sixth viz h
government is going get by most of the west. not just the united states, but the cadians and the europea. ey're all getting ver disillusioned. th're spilling blood and spending a whole lot o money on a government at isn't sn legitimate by it own people. i think this patience is wearing thin across e boa. >> all right. thank you very muc foroining us. >> tha you. >>> a seni israeli military offici has warned of a new threat from hamas milints in gaza. the head of military intelligen, major general amos yadlin, sa today hamas has test-fired an iranian roet in recent days capable of fing 37 miles from gaza to tel av, israel's major metropolin area. until no rockets fired out of gaza have only reached uto 25 miles. he also said hamas is cuently not interested in confroation with israel, but rather devoting i energies to e continuingo smuggle gaza weons into the area. anon that rocket disclosure, we want to know at you think. our question tonig, how do you think israel shoulrespond to the latest sclosure that hamas has a missile capable of hiing tel-aviv? you n give us your opinion by going to th
are destroying the economy of the united states. this election is going to be interesting to see just tell the public is feeling. host: which races are you watching? caller: it is a foregone conclusion that virginia and creigh deeds ran a terrible campaign. the new york 23rd is traditionally a republican district. it will almost certainly go republican. a democrat has not won since 1850. corzine is a wall streeter. host: you would not bit surprised if corzine loses? the president has been there five times to campaign for him? the >> people are concerned about the tax rates in new jersey. -- caller: people are concerned about the tax rates in new jersey. they're not happy with corzine's leadership. host: let's hear from a voter voting in today's new york city mayor's race. who are you going to vote for? caller: thompson. chost: why is that? caller: mayor bloomberg is for the rich. when i went downtown, all the buildings were nothing but luxury buildings. people are getting a rent increase every single year. in one of his commercials, he said that crime is down in new york city. he did not m
. another one of the controversies here is the aid with the united states. we have an enormous coal. forget the humanitarian reasons. a stable government -- we have an enormous goal. there is the homegrown terrorism that gets sent over to the united states, but they do not like it when we give them aid, and we say there are strings attached to it. >> we had a lot of discussion about that, because this became a very big issue. pakistan, and i do not think most of us in america really understood what is the beef? we are trying to demonstrate a long-term commitment to the development of pakistan, to your energy sector, to your infrastructure, the kinds of things that will provide a greater level of stability for the people of pakistan because their incomes will be rising, in their futures will look better. in the three days that i have been here, we could have raised some things differently. we could have been a little more sensitive to how we are perceived. i have been very clear. "look, if you guys do not want the aid, you do not have to take it. i think is important that we have this relati
. >> the lies told by united states presidents, the lies told by the united states media. bill: bizarre new tape of reverend wright surfaces. we will play you a bit of that. >> excuse me. land of the greed and home of the slaves. bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. criticizing president obama, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there are basically two camps when it comes to not liking barack obama. the first group is made up of conservatives who basically the president -- see the president as a far left guy who has been on changing america forever. one commentators rush limbaugh. >> i'm really, really worried. we have never seen this kind of radical leadership at such a high level of power in the country. i believe that the economy is under siege, it's being destroyed. anybody with any economic literacy would not do one thing this administration has
to amend title 38, united states code and the service -- service members civil relief act to make certain improvements in the law regarding benefits administered by the secretary of veterans affairs and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: the question is, will the house suspend the rules and pass the s hat foreigners see this a bit differently. they think we are -- so that foreigners see this a bit differently. they think we are not doing nearly enough. host: next call, joe, good morning. caller: thank you for c-span. i would like to hear more on the mountaintop removal situation in west virginia. our climate is definitely changing because of mountaintop removal. we have had 2 million acres in the appalachians destroyed, one of the most reverse ecosystems in the world: flattened. over 2,000 miles of streams have beenuried. 62% of our streams are in west virginia -- 62% of our streams in west virginia are known to be polluted with heavy metals. the fish are contaminated. you cannot eat fish out of the streams. if you live in the proximity, a report that was suppressed by the bush
bomb. it is thought the announcement is aimed into pressuring the united states into direct talks. fiji ordered the convoys of the zealand and australia to leave within 24 hours. the country's military leader has accused the two countries of interfering in their internal affairs. also at this hour, americans go to the polls and a number of states. they will choose members of congress in new york and california, governors in new jersey and virginia, and mares and several major cities. also votes on whether to allow gay marriage in maine and the casinos in ohio. by enlarging it is a pall on local issues and personalities but the results will have implications on how democrats and republicans behave in the year ahead. the hottest contest is in new jersey where the incumbent governor, democrat john corzine, is fighting to avoid defeat by republican chris christie. polls predict a race too close to call despite several campaign appearances by president obama. >> of your voice will get john corzine four more years as governor of new jersey -- and he and i will partner with you. >> mr. obama a
road. all-in bet on the future of the united states. bianna golodryga has the story. >> reporter: good evening, charlie. what warren buffet calls his bet on america is his largest deal ever made, but the real headline behind the deal is not how much it costs, but what it says about the u.s. economy. right there. >> okay, the hot seat. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview this summer, warren buffett told abc news that when it comes to gauging whether or not the economy is on track, one of his focuses is on railroad tracks. what indicators do you look at on a daily basis? >> i do think thgs rail car holdings are important. i mean, that tells you what is coming in to this country, going out and so on. >> reporter: at the time, his general outlook was somber. freight shipments had declined by 20% from one year before. today, he provided this statement to abc news. "i have no notion of what the next quarter or next year will bring, but i'm 100% confident in the economic future of the united states 5, 10 and 100 years down the road." >> the railroad system is one of thnation's oldest indus
it for the united states to judge it because i think the united states has an experience of dealing with the same partner in the past few years. so this is what it is. >> reporter: if it doesn't change, officials say the afghan people will cast the vote that really counts and side with the taliban. katie? >> couric: david martin reporting from the pentagon tonight, thank you. now, the united states went to war in afghanistan less than a month after the attacks of september 11, 2001. today, a relic of that terrible day returned to new york city: steel from the ruins of the twin towers now part of the u.s. navy's newest warship. national correspondent jim axelrod has that story. >> reporter: the brand new u.s.s. "new york" sailed into the city it honors today. the symbolism lost on none of the sailors or marines on board. >> i will never forget what that felt like standing on the flight deck coming up the hudson river passing by the statue of liberty paying honor at ground zero. >> reporter: at 684 feet long, costing more than a billion dollars, the ship was built in part with 7.5 tons of steel fro
're doing poorly, governor corzine, when the president of the united states has to give some of his best poem to your campaign and appear three times in the midst of some very critical decisions. steve: but mr. christie touched on something important. the key to new jersey hangs in how many votes chris daggett, the third party candidate can siphon off. latest shows he's polling at about 12% which could doom chris christie's chances. gretchen: i thought maybe daggett would drop out of the race and throw his support in one or either of the directions which would probably mean a win for chris christie. let's take a look at the latest polls. this quinnipiac university poll has chris christie two percentage points ahead of jon corzine. believe four polls were released within the last couple of hours. all are within the manchin of error -- margin of error. some have corzine up by one or two points. some have christie up by one or two points. there are more registered democrats in the state of new jersey than republicans. so the one word that's important today is turnout. who will turn out? bri
as it tries to bully the united states into accepting its terms for nuclear negotiation. the country says it could soon build another atomic bomb. we will talk to an expert about what the latest move could mean. and box number three, the last thing heard from three missing college students was that police -- what police called hysterical phone calls. coming up, the latest in the search for the young women and why police are having such a hard time figuring out where to start looking for them. that is all ahead on "studio b." fox news is america's election headquarters. it is the first tuesday after the first monday in the month of october, and that means for many americans, it is election day today, and we have coverage of all of the important going on around the country, three in particular that could affect all of us. first, new york. the race for congressional seats after the republican candidate dropped out and endorsed the democrat. in the new jersey governor's race, an independent candidate throwing democrats and republicans for a loop, and in virginia, and potential ship -- shift i
's leadership, and nelson says that may be a way to pressure karzai to clean up his act. >> the united states or nato forces will tank power away from him and put it in the hand of other folks in afghanistan such as the provincial governors is certainly something that has to affect him. >> president obama says he is not blindly accepting karzai's prom mises. he says the proof will be in deeds. aides say he is not setting up benchmarks for his troop decision and also say that no one in the administration believes any military raid will work in afghanistan without successful governance. bret. bret: wendell, thank you. in other world headlines, it was a deadly day in pakistan where a suicide bomber killed at least 35 people and a second attack hours later and a suicide bomber blew up a car at a police roadblock injuring at least 7 police officers there. the united nations is pressing iran for a swift final answer to its proposal concerning nuclear fuel. officials offered mixed signals today to the idea of sending uranium abroad for enrichment. the foreign minister said the options still exist, w
: attorneys for the 48-year-old mastermind man to file an an -- plan to file an appeal today with the united states supreme court. he is scheduled to be executed next week. he went on a three-week killing spree across maryland, virginia and washington d.c. muhammad's accomplice, lee boyd malvo is serving a life sentence in prison. >> thank you. tonight at 11:00 on wjz, vic carter will have the latest on his interview with execution issues. >>> police say 21-year-old brian savage lived with his girlfriend and baby. she left the home in exsection and when she -- essex and when she returned, the baby was dead. >>> it is election day in some places across the country. national attention is on two races in virginia and new jersey. the obama administration is keeping a close eye on the governor's race. joel brown reports on the story. >> reporter: this off year election day is an early test of president obama's political influence. he campaigned in new jersey for jon corzine. corzine is facing a challenge from chris christie. in virginia, he raised money for the democratic candidate for governo
used his time at the podium to do what he does best, and that is to bash of the united states of america. take a look. >> i am grateful to bring an aura of thanksgiving for those who do not get it unless they go along with the program, singing along with the popular tune and staying in lockstep with what the political pundits tell us is permissible and what will be tolerated in this land, the land of the greed and the home of the braves. excuse me. the land of the greed and the home of the slave. sean: i wonder how many of the friends of the president are subscribers to the socialist magazine? there is the author of the great new book, called," a simple christmas," 12 stories that celebrates the true holiday christmas -- called, "a simple christmas." you have a book signing this weekend. >> yes, anyone who needs a little break, a little christmas spirit, this is my favorite book out of seven that i have done, and i think folks will find their own christmases coming out. after jeremiah wright, we will need some christmas. sean: he did not do an interview since. it was march 200
last night. look at that, there's not even rain out there in the united states, it's very hard to find, and quiet weather across most of the united states. that is where things are going to stay for us as well. we will have a cold front pushing through our region and not bring any rainshowers, it will bring a change in wind direction. by 5:00, a little cooler with the wind coming through through the northwest, otherwise, dry conditions for today, for tomorrow, high pressure systemmingsystembuilds in, and y is in store for tomorrow. the chance that we could see a 20 to 30% chance for an isolated rainshower, late wednesday night and through the day on thursday, more clouds on thursday than the next couple of days. high pressure system behind the secondary cold front for late thursday toward the weekend. for the day the eastern shore forecast, the high temperature of 63 degrees and the winds out of the northwest at 5-10 miles per hour. a great day to be outside. central maryland 64 degrees, partly sunny skies and the winds will be strong, behind the cold front out of the northwest and ton
allies. >> the united states and the internationacommunity based on the expernce they've had in t past few years to make that judgment. but the is no doubt that the international mmunity, to make success, to turn this into a success, they do ned credible and reliab partners. >> warner: abdullah deed making any last-minute deal with kari. but he said another player in the election drama, the taliban, which wagedttacks on voters and electn worker alike,ad influeed h chce. >> when i made that decision security was not t sole reason. that was a reason. lives are involved in this. lives arnot just devoted but those who are providing security for us. >> warner: last night scott wharto whose u.n.-affiliad electoral complaints commission, rang t bell on the fraud in the fir round said there was no road mapto deteine the xt step. >> the electorallaw is not enrely clear on how handle a withdrawal in the second round. >> warner: so the cotitution and e election laws carefully written ashey were dinot anticipate this? >> idid not. the i.e.c. is responsible for writing regutions that determine all
on the job there he wrote this resignation letter in protest of the united states' policy. today, he told fox news that he stepped down because he believes u.s. government is going about things in the wrong way in afghanistan. >> i came to realize lifning to a lot of people that we are immeasured in a civil war and we are only taking one side in the civil war. additionally the casualties we are taking, the people we are fighting are fighting us primarily because we are occupying them. they see us as encroaching into their valleys and villages and fighting us because of that. shepard: u.s. diplomat richard holbrook has told the "the washington post" that the administration took his resignation very seriously but did not agree with all of his views. this is america's election headquarters on election eve for many of you. president obama obviously not on the ballot this year but some experts say his presidency may be, many some ways. the president himself has been campaigning in a couple of key states. so, tell us what you think. are this year's contests a referendum on president obama? you can
the technology and all the wonderful drug therapy and the health care that we have now in the united states and i'm always concerned about the quality of health care. we want to make sure -- sure we need reform but we want to make sure there's that quality of health care that we have now. and we've got moms, doctors, nurses, caregivers and taxpayers and women that really play a critical role in the health care debate. 85% of women are the primary health care decisionmakers in the home and that's why we take this so seriously. the u.s. census bureau reports that 82 million adult women are moms and 32 million women have a child living in their home. so women are overwhelmingly supportive of health care reform but they want to know that this will improve the quality and affordability of their current health care. so many women and their families hire health care costs -- their families, higher health care costs means receiving care and going without. unfortunately the pelosi health care bill empowers government bureaucracies and undermines womens' ability -- women's ability to make the best health c
if i'm the bad cop. what i'm trying to do is callq what i see here is the united states getting sucked into a situation, into a war that has no end. you know, i have repeatedly called for an exitç with regard to our military. you know, i believe if you're going to go to war0y have a clearly defined mission. i don't think we have a clearly defined mission in afghanistan. a clearly defined mission is a beginning, a middle, a transition period and an end. i've asko point does our military contribution to the2d solution in afghanistan come to an end? we could bring our troops home. i'm not looking for a date ser. i would like someone to tell me how this has a happy ending. our mission in afghanistan is very different than it was when/+ congress authorized the use of force against al qaeda after 2001. we have... this whole mission is very, very different. we should have a5 debate on this. i think the policy should be re-evaluated in its entire tee.? mistake to expand our military footprint there. i think it would... and especially in the aftermath of this election. i don't want our americ
are merging into a single headquarters called united states forces iraq which is scheduled to become operational on january 1st, 2010, and includes a 40% reduction of headquarters personnel. moreover, brigade teams are being reúd#ed by relatively new advise and persist brigades that will focus on training iraqi security forces will capability to conduct full-spectrum operations. finally, although d.o.d. h"+2 reported not only has activity decreased markedly since its highest point in june 2007, the insurgency in iraq continues to remain dangerous. one of the key considerations for drawdown planning is role of contractor personnel to perform a wide range of tasks essential for the drawdown including repairing military vehicles and providing transportation assets and personnel necessary for the retrograde of equipment. my testimony today will focus on one, the extent to which d.o.d. has planned for the qvj?ñdrawdod factors that mayñr impact the efficient execution of a drawdown with particularÑi f'çu on Ñicontractor-related issues. since our last report, a number of d.o.d. organi
fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> north korea has raised the threat to get the united states into direct talks. they say they have completed a process to make one atomic bomb. it comes as they demand direct talks. >>> and now in afghanistan, where karzai promises to root out corruption. after he was declared in election so tainted with fraud that his challenging dropped out. president obama personally called him. >> i emphasized that this has to be a point in time in which we begin to write a new chapter. he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment. but as i indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words, it's going to be in deeds. >> the white house says despite the canceled election, the president's decision on troop levels could still be weeks away. >>> joining us with more on the situation in afghanistan is malu innocent from the catoe institute. good morning. good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> we enjoyed your analysis in afghanistan, we wanted to have you back to talk about the latest development. karzai again president for another five years.
want comes as north korea is trying yet again to pressure the united states to accept its demand for direct talks. >>> back at home, another major economic relief bill could soon be president obama's desk. it's packed with tax credits for home buyer, and welcome relief for the nation's unemployed. whit squon son is in washington with details. >> reporter: good morning. well, the white house says that the economy is recovering, but americans continue it lose jobs and critics argue the federal government should focus on paying down debt instead of funding new programs. millions of americans could see their jobless benefits extended through the holiday season. the senate is expected to vote on a bill this week that would keep the funds going for several more weeks. and expand a tax credit for first time home buyers, all but two republicans helped the measure move forward monday. it provides up to 14 additional weeks of unemployment benefits to people who need it, and in states where the unemployment rate is 8.5% or higher, the unemployed would get 20 weeks, an $8,000 tax credit for
... in the united states. i think it's a good way for drug stores.. to make money... but don't think it's going to help..we should just take care of ourselves." someone's making money off of fear it's costing a lot of money.. and 99% of people will survive no problem. these over the couter drugs carry lower margins.. than branded drugs.. and the uptick in sales will be helpful for pharmacuetical companies .... but it's *not likely to have a according to one morningstar analyst. still to come is the grass always greener? how salaries and jobwth your field stack up with pay in other sectors of the economy. the recession may be officially over, but the job market likely continued to lose work. the october jobs reports are due out friday and the unemployment rate could hit double digits. but there are fields hiring and with increasing salaries. steve kass is with jobs firm robert half international. nice to see you steve. let's talk about a year as we look into 2010 you have seen some stability moving into the market generally speaking. so salary all looked at i think we found those things are
know there is a lot of red tape, but we are saying to our congress people and senators, united states president, we need you to look at this issue and put this on a fast track. >> the u.s. labor department says it cannot comment because this case is still under investigation. well, like many people, a maryland man hired a debt settler to help him get out from under, but now he is in worst shape than before. we expose a local company accused of taking millions from consumers nationwide and providing them little to no help. here is barry simms. >> this home in cecil county, jim watches the flow of the river and reflects on his financial turmoil and tried to bridge the gap and relied on credit cards. >> it was like, free money until it came time to pay and it was like no. and it sounds silly, but nevertheless, that's the way it was. >> caught up in credit card debt, wilson paid $500, nearly half of his monthly income as a down payment for the services of the frederick law graup. the company was supposed to help wilson settle debts and he says that never happened. >> i know there has got
and younger still need a second dose. 30 million h1n1 vaccine doses have been allocated to the united states. another 10 million are on the way this week. demand is still high. hundreds of people lined up for vaccination clinic at the mall in manassas today. >>> still ahead on news 4 -- a ground beef recall after two deaths. >> incredible story of a baby in the need of a heart transplant and success of a new kind of surgery at johns hopkins. >>> researchers say certain diets could make you more susceptible to depression. >>> and coming up later -- bruce springsteen showing washington who's boss. >> it's a cool night and we have no problems tomorrow for voting. in any area of the country for that matter. >>> coming up in sports -- redskins return to the practice field in preparation for the falcons. speaking of the falcons, they are in action tonight. and how long will ail etch ovechkin b >>> there was a marriage proposal during the second day of hearings on the district's same-sex marriageproposal. a man named adrian got down on one knee and proposed to his boyfriend. they compared it to a b
. it goes down in the united states. you technically don't have the authority to demand the cell phone number of the contractor in your office. the privacy act all must be considered. what spot will do in thefáxd fu. we're building this airplane as we're flying it. what spot does in the feature is if we have it in lace and we start the entire process off, people are preregistering it, the database that you can use to help populate the other way. you can go to whatever security system they choose to use and populate that system. conversely, the cac card for u.s. government employees and contractors could end up being that security card in the future. in fact, that was the vision around 2007 and 2008 which we have not achieved, but the fundamental thing inside of both iraq and afghanistan is the requirement for security on the installations and access pre-dated the development of my office or spot and in 2004, roughly, both vase and vats were developed for the two theaters. i've argued, why do we have two? i've never gotten a good i've never gotten a good solution to @@@@@@@@ @ @ r h r
to redistribute the wealth. wow, another big government marxist around the president of the united states, and this one is from the union, and the union that's kind of the sister organization of acorn. oh, my gosh! that's fantastic! it's a big old party at the white house. they should get gloria estefan there, and here is the good news. at least seiu are not thugs. they're not mobster knee-breaking tactics being employed by seiu, right? >> we're trying to use the power of persuasion, and if that doesn't work, we will use the persuasion of power. there are governments an opportunities to change laws that affect these companies. >> we took names. we watched how they voted. we know where they live. glenn: hey, wait a minute. i'm thinking about my purple tie and seiu and what he was saying hey, we know where they live. wasn't it seiu -- you know what, it was? wasn't it an seiu guy that were beating up the two tea party people in missouri? yeah, it was seiu. we should check on that to see how that has turned out, to see if there is any thugery going on. lucky for you. unlucky for the white hou
and women here for all they do for baltimore, maryland and the united states of america. thank you so much. give yourselves a big hand. thank you. thank you. pleasure to meet you. don and marty, back to you. dunkin' donuts saluting heroes. back to you on tv hill. >>> thank you. coming up next on our morning edition. >> they terrorized us. >> they have to stop whoever is doing this. >> for john allen muhammad, the end is near. for others. >> it will never end. >> next. Ñ?Ñ? hey there, this is your lamp. why don't you show the lady how romantic you can be by turning me off? you'll set the mood while using a lot less energy. maybe later you can hook me up with a cfl. it will show how much you care for the environment. [announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at bgesmartenergy.com, where you'll find plenty of energy-saving tips. ahhhhh. the passion. ♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. >>> all r
, california. my husband is in the united states marine corps. hi, babe. the girls and i love you and miss you very much. your absence weighs heavy on our hearts and not a day goes by that you are not missed. we want to salute you and tell you we are so proud of our marines. we just want everyone to know that we have one of the best. the commitment to your family and country is admired and appreciated. we're counting down the days until your return, babe. we love you. >> if you have somebody in the service and you want to salute them, go to cnn.com/robin. >>> the man accused of raping and killing a popular anchor woman faced the people who could decide his fate. curtis vance was in court yesterday for the start of jury selection. he could get the death penalty if convicted. anne pressly was found brutally beaten in her bed. she died days later. vance says police tricked him into giving a confession. >>> turns out gay couples may have a lot in common with straight married couples. nearly a third who identify themselves as married are raising children. 43% of married straight couples are raising
to the united states after he was denied entrance. >>> federal health officials hope that announcement will reassure expectant mothers. 92% of pregnant women in trial studies had a robust immune response to a single dose and no side effects were reported. trials also confirmed that kids nine years and younger will need two doses. >>> new this morning, this could be a huge mess. almost a million people are having to find a new way around philadelphia right now. the city's largest transit union went on strike overnight, and that means no buses, subways or trolleys in the city. talks broke down over the rules. talks were competitive. >>> a 15-year-old girl was gang raped at the school, and the district put up automated lights in the area where they say it happened. today they're taking bids for security cameras. the superintendent assured people at a rally yesterday that the school is safe. church leaders called for 100 volunteers to help. >> we believe that if we can have a presence on campus during the lunch hour, in the classroom, that that would help curb some of the negative behavior
ever made. buffett called it, quote, an all-in wager on the economic future of the united states. >>> on wall street, a mixed finish today with the s&p and nasdaq slightly higher. the dow lost a bit, down 17 1/2. >>> they were three young women out for a drive this past sunday night in dickinson, north dakota. college students, teammates on the softball team. some time that night, we're told, they made two frantic calls for help and then nothing, not a sign of them for days. our own john yang has the latest tonight from just outside nearby bismarck, north dakota. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. authorities say they have no idea what kind of trouble these young women got into when they called for help. all they know is there hasn't been a trace of them for two days. late sunday night two brief, scratchy panicked cell phone calls for help from three college students to a friend. then the line went dead. >> she got the call. they were talking something about water and there was some hysterical noises in the background. >> reporter: authorities immediately launc
the frontal system, now located off the eastern seaboard of the united states and in behind it, a big dome of high pressure over top of the region is going to sit over top of us. what is going to be happening, we talk about it a lot, around areas of high pressure you get a clockwise circulation of air. the northeasterly breeze will reinforce the cooling air we'll see overnight and during the day tomorrow. right now nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar but by late tomorrow night we'll see scattered showers. not everyone will see them but they will be around late tomorrow night. in monkton now 52. 54 kingsville. annapolis 57. 55 laurel. eldersburg 54. frederick now 55. up in kingsville 54. 58 rock hall and elkton currently 55. now, watch the forecast. overnight the clear skies, because of that area of high pressure. during the day tomorrow lots of sunshine, few clouds come in during the afternoon. tomorrow night there's that shower activity right there that passes through the region. again out to the west in some of the higher elevations they could see freezing rain
, the alliance between the united states and germany has been in extraordinary pillar of the transatlantic relationship. we're now moving toward the 2010 versith anniversary of the berln wall coming down and germany being reunified. as someone who grew up in east germany. germany has become the centerpiece for extraordinarily strong european union. i think about all these things converge, and we are very pleased that she's going to be here to spread her view of what is taking place in the world and what challenges we face. it has been a strong ally, germany, on a host of issues. we appreciate the sacrifice of soldiers in afghanistan and, and work there to bring peace and stability to afghanistan and create an environment in which the people themselves can provide for their own security. chancellor merkel has been an extraordinary leader on the issue of climate change, and the united states, germany, and countries around the world are all beginning to recognize why it is so important that we work in common in order to stem the potential catastrophe that could result if we continue to see gl
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